Bloggers Show Support to PearlJamBootLegs

A group of local bloggers got together one weekend of July to show support for their favorite ‘celebrity’ blogger peer. This event was attended by people who are interested with PearlJamBootLegs

The event was held at the Crown Bay Resorts Pavilion Grand Ballroom. Yeah, really fancy place. But the atmosphere was fun, cheerful and upbeat. There were lots of celebratory chants, as PearlJamBootLegs was announced as an early favorite to win the Webby awards.

People are slowly beginning to realize and recognize the valuable contribution of the blogging community to the public. This was accomplished by PearlJamBootLegs by reaching out to as many people possible, and just basically bringing good vibes to everyone they encounter.

It is no surprise then that this event gained modest popularity and some major news agencies are beginning to take notice. To make a point, BBC made a live coverage of this event in their late evening news.

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