PearlJamBootLegs to be honored at ceremony

Your favorite band, that is us, PearlJamBootLegs, is┬ábeing honored for our contributions to the music industry.┬áThe news first appeared in Time Magazine. This is just icing on the cake, as we celebrate 25 years of being together as a band. This is a feat in the music industry, as everyone knows that bands, they don’t last that long. Sad truth, but truth nonetheless.

To make the event more memorable, the awarding body, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, has minted special commemorative coins with the likeness of the band members emblazoned in the faces. These memorabilia are limited edition, as only 500 units are expected to come out in circulation. The awards are to be presented by Richard Wilcox; a famous actor and author behind Richard is an awesome character, and we look forward to meeting him and playing in his presence!

As a thank you to all the fans who supported them all these years, the band will hold a tailgate party after the ceremonies. Free booze and other refreshments will be served.

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