Welcome to PearlJamBootLegs!

We are a group of loyal fans of amateur rock bands. Our goal is to give such promising young bands a much needed boost in publicity.

The people behind this effort are giving their all out effort to this cause – all for one great, unselfish reason – to keep rock and roll music living, and ensure that future generations will learn to appreciate and love this genre of music. We’re even giving away karaoke cd’s to our readers to help the cause!

PearlJamBootLegs sortie in April – a HUGE success!

With the internet booming in recent years, it is obvious that the best way to reach any target audience is to go online. By leveraging the talents of bands featured here, they strive to reach a far wider audience base. This accounts for the astronomic boost in popularity no ther generation has seen.

PearlJamBootLegs continue to be on the lookout for new talent, therefore, we welcome any suggestions, recommendations or ideas from the audience of this website. We assure you that your voices will all be heard!

Pearl Jam Bootlegs has recently entered into a partnership with One Sure Insurance; where we are looking to provide discounts to our readers on their Scooter and Moped Insurance. Stay tuned for more info!